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                       ATMEX CONSULTING TEAM 


Consulting  Team

Nationwide Rated #1 in Buying Selling and Trading in Rare Coins,Numismatic,Bullion,Modern,

even Paintings,Diamonds and Watches,and so much more.

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The Fast & Easy way to Diversify your Portfolio.


  1.       Please call and speak to one of our representatives.

About Atmex Consulting             Invest/Safety Net/Collect

     Our Mindset Years ago was ,We Imagined a company where anyone with love for Rare Coins can easily find what they wanted needed or desired extremely easy and all at one place,Possible?We believe we made it so!We decided to open Atmex Venture Capitol Group,a company and share our interest of numismatics with like minded people.This is how it all started.Today we have expanded so much more than rare coins ,numismatics,bullion,shipwreck coins, Watches,Diamonds,paintings,lithographs,monthly subscriptions,sets,and not only do we do buying,selling,but also trading, and putting peoples hard earned money to work for them instead of having our customers always have to work hard for there money.

At Atmex Venture Capoitol we strive to be the best in the industry.If you have dealt with other companies you will know, see and feel the difference and a level of professionalism that we love our customers, friends and family to take advantage of.We are looking forward to doing business with you!THE ATMEX TEAM.    






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Take the Journey with Atmex


As with any investment diversification is the key to reducing risk.Your portfolio of Rare Coins should include a VARIETY of coins that will minimize market fluctuations and MAXAMIZE  should include classic United States coins of all varieties that carry a fantastic track record or holding value during good and bad times.ATMEX CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT!


You may hear about people "flipping coins"for a quick profit.This is the rare exception and carries a high amount of risk.Looking for a quick profit is an investment mistake you want to avoid!We will study the market valuation  of each and every coin you purchase through us and guarantee one thing-EXCEPTIONAL VALUE with extremely low risk and very high rewards.We look forward to doing business whether it is buying your collection at VERY aggressive prices or helping you build a rock solid portfolio.

Morgan Silver Dollar


Morgan Dollar Roll 

This coin minted from 1878-1904 and then oner last year fighting it out with the peace dollar in 1904.During the lapse in coinage of this denomination, the gold dollar became the unit coin, and the trade dollar was used for commercial transactions with the orient.

Roll of 20 Beautiful coins GEM BU only $1,980

George T Morgan Designed this Beauty and most definitely a favorite amongst collectors and investors.They consider this to be the backbone of the Rare Coin Industry,always outperforming its previous high during peak markets.There are MANY different varieties however most were melted down under provisions of the Pittman act of 1918 where 270,232,722 were melted down because the bullion supply became exhausted.To receive these in this condition is a Tremendous addition to any collection! Please call and speak to a rep

877,381.4611  (10 Rolls Max per Transaction)No Dealers Please!

50 Years 

of Experience






Happy Clients



 Gold has been prized by every major culture and nation state.The appeal of Gold has survived the fall of the Egyptian, Greek, Roman,Spanish  and English Empires.Gold Has been in use for 4000  years before the Birth of Jesus.Gold Coins have become Highly prized collectibles with values that are ,in many cases exponentially higher than the value of the base gold bullion content value.


Gold is Indestructible.When gold is heated it turns to liquid but remains GOLD.Once cooled, it returns to the familiar solid form everyone recognizes.If gold is dropped into the ocean for HUNDREDS of Years,when it returns to the surface it will still be gold.People used Gold to barter for other commodities like corn, livestock and others.

WHY you should Invest in Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver are important aspects of a well diverse investment portfolio.These metals have always maintained its Value throughout History.They are commonly thought of as a hedge against inflation and should be strongly considered to help protect your wealth.

Why Invest with Our ATMEX and our TEAM

Atmex Ventures was founded under the premise of bringing TRUST and integrity to all aspects of the Precious Metals acquisition process.Our Goal is to always Exceed our customers expectations by helping them to make better decisions.We will always be Honest and upfront with you, we will treat you with respect, and we will complete your order exactly as we have presented it to you each and every time.




                                                                                We make it simple Here.

                                                                                                                           Rated #1 for a reason ​   ATMEX   


Sell or Buy all your Metal needs from us at ATMEX GROUP for the absolute BEST pricing.

Very aggressively buying all Gold and Silver.



Our Associates

MORGAN SILVER DOLLARS with the Cartwheels Glowing

These coins are being released in SOLID shotgun rolls, not your usual mishmash Buch of dates thrown in a bucket of bleach to shone them up and sold as BU,These AREW IN FACT GEM BU Morgan Silver Dollars That have an Amazing Strike,luster is gleaming, fields are so frosty you would think the snowman made it,There is 20 solid date UNTOUCHED rolls that I garuntee you if it is not as nice as I say I will send your money back and you can keep the product.I am that confident!$99 per coin 20 pieces to a roll works out to ONLY and get this, for ALL 20 only $1980,we take care of shipping and handling, you will fall in love with these like you did on your first date!

20 Pieces Solid Shotgun Roll only $1980.00

420 BC Ancient Helmeted Athena

Helmeted Athena Coin

This is absolutely one of my favorite coins, it is our oldest coin being from 420 B.C. and just to think of the history alone on this coin and the journey it must of went on through the war of Sparta and the 300 that fought for Athena.The rarity on this coin is extreme and the history is priceless so at this cost it is a complete bargain!

1926 $10 Gold indian MS60 NGC Certified

This is an astonishing example of a 1926 $$10 Gold indian,it is certifir=ed in an MS60 but by the looks of the coin it is severely undergragded.Snatch this up before someone does.ESPECIALLY at only $995.00

Saint Gaudens Comm 2017 1oz Gold PF70

National Park Foundation  

1oz Gold Saint Gaudens Comm PROOF 70 Ultra High Relief.This design is simply amazingly Breathtaking ,If you never sw this coin you need too see it in person, its BEAUTIFUL!The $10 coins in Gold and silver are also available please call and speak to one of our reps about these,They are very limited so call QUICK!!

2017 Saint Gaudens Comm 1oz Gold

Whichever brand you are looking forgive us a shot first or last-either way I can assure you we will work the hardest to beat any real advertised price!

Contact Us Now for any of your Needs.

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 Portfolio Advisor


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ATMEX Consulting Team

1700 Middle Country Rd #527

Ridge NY 11961

Please view through our many pages of inventory here on this website, just click on the pages above and see some of our GORGEOUS inventory and how we can help you with all your needs.We look forward to it.