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                       ATMEX CONSULTING TEAM 

We carry many different clasps gold, stainless and for many various watches, so please give us a call if you want to switch it up to a nice and easy, classy,sporty deployment buckle or just want to get a new tang buckle, we either have in stock or Definitely we can get it for you,so don't hesitate to call.

Whats better in the morning then a cup of coffee and putting on your Favorite Panerai to get the day started!Call us with all your panerai needs, its one of our favorite brands.​

Special Items-These are rare and some of our favorites for the collector.

Rerdfield Collection

Morgan Silver Dollar


2013 Bitcoin Casascius 



2014 Token Bitcoin 

ANACS certified 


Ancient Coin Specials

The Primary focus our team is to provide individual investors the opportunity to invest in a tangible asset portfolio, pay it off if you dont have the cash or sell your unwanted metals you may have to free up some funds.

We have a Broad range of products including these Beautiful Ancient coins which are extremely rare and truly a unique addition to accommodate any investment stategy.

Unique Pieces

We also carry many different style coins from different era's and different metal types.Some are raw and some are certified, one thing for certain we try and keep everything we stock New however more important,FUN.Of course we want the value to be there as well but if you are not having fun doing it why do it at all?


Rolex ​is a name in timepieces that needs no introduction, it is the timepiece that is always moving up in value, it is seen from across the room, its iconic designs make these watches classic and timeless to pass from generation to generation.If you are looking to Buy any of these models or if you want to trade or possibly you are in a jam and need cash quick,Please give us the first opportunity to help you with your needs.I can guarantee we will work the hardest for you and your investments.

Rolex ​Watches

We have a HUGE selection of Rolex watches pre-loved.All watches are guaranteed authentic, with a money back guarantee.Whatever watch you are thinking of we either have or we can get for you so just give us a call and lets get a Beautiful timepiece on your wrist.Youre not spending money on these, its like wrapping money around you're wrist so stop contemplating and treat yourself to one of these Beauties! 

Atmex Group was helped me grow my portfolio into a perfect retirement fund,I am so grateful for them.

Brad Starbuck

Director of Dell

Lay back and count your profits and let these guys and gals at ATMEX help you with your portfolio (and count your money)

Scrooged McDuck

The smart Gold Investor 

These guys are Fantastic,I walked in a Novice and I am leaving feeling like a professional.Thank you n so much guys!

Arthur Bowman

Retired LIPA V.P.