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Gold and Silver is an asset that retains value(REGUARDLESS of what is going on in the world)and a Tangible Investment you can pass on,share with loved ones or Liquidate just as simple as a snap of a finger.


1887 MS64+

1884-O MS65+

1881-S MS66+

These coins are 3 Absolutely Breathtaking Rainbow toned coins all in in sealed NGHC certified holder.You will never see this again.If you love Rainbow coins like we do dont pass this up!!

Call for Discount Pricing
  • Safe stable and lacking the Volatility of many asset classes GOLD is a SAFE bet in the uncertain times we see ahead.


1oz GOLD High Relief

EXTREMELY RARE coin,1oz of Pure gold which has a design that is truly Breathtaking.This is the last one we have in Inventory so if you are interested jump on this NOW.Comes exactly as you see it with a cherrywood box and cert of auth.

High Relief Gold

Top Selling Items​

1oz ​South African Gold   PCGS/NGC

Our Favorite Coin


Everyones Favorite 1oz Gold Indian PCGS/NGC Certified

Awesome coin MS69/70


1oz Canada Maple Leaf   PCGS/NGC

Another favorite amongst collectors and investors.


This is what we call a no -brainer

Not to be disrespectful but because it takes no brain to see that it is a PERFECT time for buying and or selling in the Metal Industry!

Let us Hold your hand and help you make the process extremely simple.

We look forward to It!

Team Work makes the Dream Work!!​​

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Don't get us wrong we love coffee,HOWEVER we also love holding physical  GOLD and knowing  that its value is real and forever lasting!

"Gold and Silver are MONEY...

Everything else is credit.."


1oz Silver Coin Rolls

1 Oz Silver Coins - Sovereign Mints, Random Design Our random design one-ounce silver coins are the most economical way to buy silver coins. We get these 1 troy oz .999 fine silver coins in a variety of designs and offer them at a reduced premium for clients who want to own a sovereign coin, but want to save money versus buying coins such as the silver American Eagle. All coins are produced by a sovereign mint and are official legal tender. Some of the more common designs have been issued by the Republic of Chad, Republic of Congo, Republic of Ghana, and the Cayman Islands. These coins are fully tested and 100% guaranteed for authenticity, weight and purity (.999 fine silver). Buy with confidence and save $$!


Special Wholesale Coins

Rare coins for the collector that appreciates not only history, rarity and intrinsic value but falls in love with that unbelievable strike,color,luster,and Mirror like fields.These are the coins that ONLY amex can deliver!

1886 PCGS MS62 Rainbow


This is an awesome specimen of a rainbow toned Morgan silver dollar from the year 1886 it also has the CAC sticker to garuntee not only the coin but the grade as well.Loving this RAINBOW color.Call for special pricing. 



Here is a fantastic addition to any collections sealed CC 1879 CARSON CITY in a high grade of MS63+ certified NGC not think about this one it will not last at this price!Call for a Ridiculous Deal on this beauty.One of my Favorites! 

1878 50 cent PROOF Seated Liberty Half Dollar PCGS Certified.


This coin has unbeatable pedigree and is extremely rare in a VERY high grade of a 66+CAMEO,just unbeatable.Huge addition to YOUR collection,prmoise you on that.Call for a very special price!


Timing is Everything When Buying Rare Coins The recent volatility in the equity markets have served as a reminder how uncertain leveraged markets can become when negative sentiment sets in. It also reminds us that when equities slide it often translates into support for metal prices. This recent reminder send gold spot prices and gold shares soaring with little inflows of significant cash. This should be viewed as a strong reminder that instead of being dragged lower by a sliding stock market, the precious metals sector should soar if a sustained stock market drop prevailed. As I stated in my report earlier this year, I believe stagflation remains a real risk as time rolls on. If I am correct, the timing to purchase rare coins and precious metals appears to be now due to the weakness over the past three years. There are many good reasons to look to rare coins as a store of wealth. Collecting rare coins is one of the oldest hobbies with the first coins dating back nearly 3,000 years ago and it is often referred to as the “Hobby of Kings.” Today, collecting rare coins is both popular and affordable, with a wide range of collectible rare U.S. coins suited for any budget. Below are some good reasons to consider acquiring rare coins now. Market Size: The history of the U.S. rare coin market began from humble beginnings in the mid-19th century and has steadily developed into a 21st century numismatic market with annual sales in excess of $10 billion. Collector Base: The rare coin market has strong and stable collector base, estimated at over 35 million people who have interest in collecting rare coins and currency, which continues to create consistent demand. Portfolio Diversification: Rare coins provide diversification as a tangible asset‚ and creates a hedge against inflation. Unlike stocks and other paper investments, rare coins will always have an intrinsic value, as well as, collector value. Its asset value is not encumbered or dependent upon a promise or ability to perform. Liquid Asset: Rare U.S. coins have high liquidity and have become one of the most liquid collectibles due to independent grading by PCGS and NGC, with documented population reports and rare coin price guides. Asset Affordability: Truly classic U.S. rare coins can be acquired in all budgets, from copper to silver and gold. There are many various types of old coins in many different grade conditions to fit almost every budget. Private Ownership: Rare coins enjoy no governmental IRS reporting requirements or confiscation concerns. Rare coins struck before 1933 can be safely owned without reporting and are a private storage of wealth. Tax Simplicity: Rare coins are desirable as a management-free investment that doesn’t require market reports and complex tax statements. There is no annual asset taxation and can only be taxed once profits are realized. Easily Transportable: Rare coins are very portable and can be carried in your pockets, or fit into small boxes. Substantial wealth can easily be stored securely or transferred anywhere confidentially. Enjoyable Asset: Rare coin collecting is fun and can be a great source of enjoyment, plus rare coin investing has been an appreciating tangible asset, which has shown steady growth over the centuries.

When it comes to buying,sellinmg or Trading your hard earned money, come to us first, we will help you the whole way through whether it is time to buy or time to sell-WE AT ATMEX will be the right ones to make your hard earned money work for you.

Whether Currency Or Coins

call us 877.381.4611


Dont wait till prices start falling or when you are in desperate need for money, its then when we make mistakes.Sell to us now and get TOP DOLLAR for anything you have.


If you are looking to BUY any Numismatic coins to fill in sets, if you are a collector and simply love these beauties or if you just are looking for a safe haven to put your money somewhere, call us before anyone else we can GARUNTEE you the absolute best price possible.Call us NOW and speak to one of our very knowledgeable representatives.

1905 $20 Gold Liberty MS65

These beautiful coins we are lucky enough to pick up in a hoard of almost 50 coins.We are offering them out at dealer cost, why?Just to piss off the other dealers that try an overcharge our clients.Dont think about this one, like Nike says "Just Do it"



Our Shipping

We ship fully insured and Registered and you will sign for your new package.We know it can be exciting to get one of our new investments/coin/watch/diamond etc but we want to be safe for all parties involved.

We are located in NY however we can come to you!


If buying, selling or trading in any items what so over we can travel to you or you can stop by us and we can meet at one of our many facilities.Just give us a call and one of our specialists can arrange whichever it is that makes you feel the most comfortable.We look forward to meeting you!

We say why pay more because ANY LEGIT sale we will beat the price by 5%.


Any sale you may see from any of our competitors, as long as you can show it is a legit sale/deal-we guarantee to beat the price by at least 5%.Plus you also receive Family like service when dealing with us and the products are all top notch so again we must ask-WHY PAY MORE?

Our ways of shipping

Whichever way of shipping you prefer we can take care of your needs, we ship fully insured with Loyds of London as our Money back guarantors there is never any concerns,You will receive tracking # once your item is shipped and you can follow it all the way to its new home.So be assured there is no worries what so ever .

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