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                       ATMEX CONSULTING TEAM 

ATMEX offers the advantage of an industry-leading

exchange policy after the end of the companys 30 Day return Policy ,so our customers are better assured for owning a coin  they fall in love with for the long term!

 At The Metal Exchange"ATMEX"​is dedicated to providing clients with outstanding collecting and investment strategies for the rare coin market.ATMEX is a rare coin  and Gold Leader with clients Nationwide!

 ​We have a team of Diamond specialists that can offer you top dollar for your diamond or if your looking for that 

 ​Perfect stone for that perfect lady in your life or just want to treat yourself call us and let us help!

Complete Confederate Cavalry Saber 


Extremely Rare Complete Cavalry Saber manufactured by Kraft Goldschmidt of Columbia,South Carolina


This example is presented in all original condition with a rich brown chocolate patina on its hilt



This is a VERY RARE opportunity to own an original confederate sword which is is not often encountered.Please call for pricing.



This fantastic piece is titled "Wonderful New York" and that it is-Wonderful!!Everyone Loves the bog apple and she captures its Beauty in this marvelous painting an priced so low, you cant afford to miss out on it!

Wonderful New York

We are very proud of one of our new showrooms being built so you can come and view your favorite pieces.We look forward to meeting to!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Albert Einstein

Custom made Pieces

We can custom make you literally anything that your imagination can think of, we deal with jewelers from the Diamond district in Manhattan that deal with every celebrity you can name of so give us a call with your ideas and we will bring them to life and make them Reality.

SELL US YOUR GOLD SILVER,WATCHES,DIAMONDS and anything else you can find.

Would'nt you rather have CASH in hand instead of that watch on your wrist or coins laying around collecting dust.Call us for quickest and absolute most aggressive pricing in the industry today.Dont wait until prices drop, get TOP DOLLAR TODAY!Call one of our reps.

        *Diamond Scale*

GIA Certified Stones

Chances are good this is a once in a lifetime purchase.You want something that will knock your ladies socks off(possibly more)We have one of the biggest selection of High Quality Diamonds.If we cant get it,Nobody can.We personally guarantee the absolute best price on all certified stones, make an appt to see one of our specialists he they will memorize you with outstanding stones at the fraction of the price you wold pay elsewhere.Very Excited to helping you with your bigday!

We have a huge variety of these with really nice Rainbow toning.

If you enjoy this coin, we have a huge variety from NGHC,PCGS,ICG,ANACS in many diff grades and colors with unique coloring that makes them super special so call now to get a New Year Discount .


Bullion Bars/Any type

We are guaranteed to pay top dollar for any precious metal bar you have from gold ,silver, platinum,palladuim,copper,etc,if you are looking to sell and tired of getting ripped off or low balled, try us FIRST and you will walk away very happy you did.



Liberty Seated(1839-1891)

A stunning example of a Seated Lib we offer an 1877 MS65 Grade with some Beautiful toning on BOTH sides, wait to see the other side it is a stunner and a MUST HAVE for a serious collector.

Call to speak to a rep asap this one will not last long.

Check out BOTH sides of the coin!!

1oz Gold Ultra High Relief​

This Lincoln Ultra High Relief is certified in a PF 70 .It is limited to very few and extremely hard to find if you can find at all.Check out the pics below of some close ups,Always love when we get one of these in.Dont wait on this BEAUTY!!

1oz Gold Lincoln

If you are a Bullion stacker and or collector this is DEFINITELY the one for is you.It has it all with is stunning design, rarity,ONE FULL OUNCE of GOLD and certified 

NGC,how can you pass on this at such a low price.chances are you will not see this coin again and if you do the price tag will be 5 figures, so dont wait on this beauty and hit the Buy button NOW!!

Chopard Watches are one of my favorite Luxury Brands.These watches really hold there value and the designs are absolutely timeless classic and iconic.If you are looking for one of these Pre-Loved or Brand new give us a call.

If we dont have it in stock we will certainly be able to get it for you at a discount.Atmex Consulting.

Gold Bullion Coins: You will pay the lowest premium above the gold spot price for bullion bars. Coins will trade at a slight premium to bars due to the fact that they are legal tender and more desirable to own. Many countries strike troy weight one-ounce gold coins including the US, Canada and Australia. All US bullion coins and some foreign bullion coins are eligible for IRA investment accounts. At the time of liquidation, all gold bullion coins & bars can be sold at or near the spot price for immediate payment or trade. It should be noted that foreign gold bullion coins and bars in excess of 25- ounces will require the completion of form 1099 at the time of liquidation. Silver Bullion Coins: One ounce silver coins such as the American Silver Eagle are currently being produced at the US Mint. Also available are one ounce coins produced at other national Mints, such as the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Many of the newly minted coins and bars are eligible for IRA investment accounts. These coins trade at very small premiums above the spot silver price. Generic Gold or Silver Coins: These consist of the typical US gold and silver coins of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, in reasonably good condition. Generic coins trade at a higher premium to gold than typical bullion coins, but are preferred by investors due to their numismatic collectability and wide appeal. At the time of liquidation generic gold coins will receive a higher premium above gold spot for immediate payment or trade. Generic coins are not eligible for IRA investments and do not require completion of form 1099 at the time of liquidation. Certified US Gold Coins Certified US Gold Coins: They are similar to generic coins but are independently encapsulated and are certified by an accredited grading service in a high quality Mint State condition. They offer investors an easy entry into acquiring better gold and silver coins at prices still relatively close to bullion. They can be quickly liquidated for immediate payment or trade. These better US coins are not eligible for IRA investments and do not require completion of form 1099 at the time of liquidation. Gold coins will receive a higher premium above gold spot for immediate payment or trade. Generic coins are not eligible for IRA investments and do not require completion of form 1099 at the time of liquidation.




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Ridge NY 11961


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