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                       ATMEX CONSULTING TEAM 

4 Coin Bullion Mint Director Signatiure Series

U.S.Mint Director Signature Series (Philip Diehl)4 coin Gold PROOF 70 PCGS.These are becoming rare and are ALWAYS in very high demand.Very difficult to find these in a set of 4.You are getting almost 2 FULL ounces of GOLD in a Beautiful proof Gold Eagle.You cant go wrong with these.

4 Coin Gold Buillion Set Mint Director Philip Diehl irector Signature Series

The LACK of money is the root of All EVIL.”

George Bernard Shaw.


                                                ATMEX VENTURES​

Gold Retirement Fund

When you want your hard earned Monet yo go to work for you instead of you breaking your back for it, this is the time to convert or sell all your metals when prices are at all time highs and you can receive the biggest dollar amount for your assets that are just sitting around the house collecting dust.Call us and one of our specialists will help you with all your needs.

We offer the finest metals to convert your 401k,savings,convert stocks, bonds or any other asset class that may be losing you money, come to us and start making money instead! Call The Atmex Team!

Gold and other Metals whether is numismatic ,coins,bars,bullion no matter the form they are an Excellent way for you ro preserve you're hard earned money and watch it grow.protect and have that safety net we all search for.Let us help you find that safe haven with a variety of different metals.

We are in no way affiliated with Rolex,AP,Hublot,Cartier,However we acb=n be assure we can get you the best prices possible so try us first, you will not be Disappointed. ATMEX VENTURES-come on a venture with us, we look forward to it!877-381-4611

Puffed Gucci Link Necklace

These Chains are classic, for everyone ,They are timeless, classic and certainly iconic.We have many different sizes, colors.Please call for details.

2020 W Eagle PF Ultra Cameo

These are in such high demand it is simply ridiculous.We are seeing a massive want for ALL silver eagles and date any condition.These are in a SUPER COOL NGC Holder,dont wait on these!

2020 Silver Eagle

Thinking of investing in Gold/Silver

Let one of our Investment specialists recommend or at least point you in the right direction when it comes to the foundation  of you're portfolio.You will take possession of your coins unlike any other asset class which makes it much more fun.Rare coins consistently gain value over the years plus because of the variety they are affordable for anybody.They are extremely easy to liquidate unlike many other investments, so when the time comes to sell we are simple phone call away.Rare coins also possess the security and intrinsic value of bullion.We will never see the govt.having to bail out Gold.Metals are a True Private Storage of wealthy small box can hold a substantial value of rare coins and since are in bearer form, they can be transferred quickly, easily and confidentially.The U.S.rare coin market offers outstanding growth potential.The best pertain uncertain times like the present as the U.S.has continuing debt, credit crisis, mortgage failures' volatile inflation as the US debt skyrockets to over 11 trillion(YES TRILLION)Rare coin ownership makes economic sense,doesnt it?Of course it does so give us a call and lets get you  started! 



We carry a wide variety of these, please call with all your​ needs and wants, and no need to worry ,we do have lay away plans your favorite bill  CAN be yours and we will make sure that happens!

Silver certificates are a type of representative money issued between 1878 and 1964 in the United States as part of its circulation of paper currency.[1] They were produced in response to silver agitation by citizens who were angered by the Fourth Coinage Act, which had effectively placed the United States on a gold standard.[2] The certificates were initially redeemable for their face value of silver dollar coins and later (for one year – June 24, 1967 to June 24, 1968) in raw silver bullion.[1] Since 1968 they have been redeemable only in Federal Reserve Notes and are thus obsolete, but still valid legal tender at their face value and thus are still an accepted form of currency.[1]


1700 Middle Country Rd #527

Ridge NY 11961


[email protected]


Jordan Goldin  V.P.Sales/Marketing

 Chris McLean -President

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